Benefits of the Cinema

The benefits of the cinema are still many. Even in an age when people can watch movies at home on giant plasma screens and buy DVDs of a film with a multitude of extra features, the cinema is still the best place to watch films. Downloading a film instantly and watching it on a computer is convenient, but there is no communal experience.

Watching a movie at home can never capture the atmosphere of going to the cinema, when watching a film is much more of a communal experience. Being able to see a movie that has just been released, especially one with a lot of acclaim from critics and movie goers alike, feels like an event. Watching a DVD at home or online just doesn’t have that appeal.

Yes, it’s nice to have the convenience of being able to watch films at home, but there’s not the same frisson as seeing a particular film in the cinema for the first time. Any movie goer will appreciate the scale of watching a film at the cinema, both in terms of the sound and visual quality.

As with any form of entertainment, people still need to be encouraged to dip into their pockets. Film trailers can be a very important element in driving people to the cinema. A good trailer will sell a film to such an extent that it seems unmissable. This is when going to see a film feels akin to going to watch a major sporting event or a successful show. Most movie goers enjoy watching movie trailers even as much as watching the actual movie. Often, they sport some of the most exciting and elaborate scenes so that film trailers themselves become a littel piece of art.

A vintage cinema provides a unique atmosphere

A vintage cinema provides a unique atmosphere

Watching films in more than one cinema is also something both film buffs and the casual film goer can enjoy. There can be a cosy atmosphere when watching films in a cinema, especially when it’s in a place that one is used to. It can feel like watching a film at home, but be much more visually stunning and with better acoustics. Other cinemas, like vintage cinemas, offer a unique atmosphere and are worth going to just because of their exteriour and interiour design. Moreover, repertory cinemas offer a programme that one would not come across in video shops – be it online or on the high street.

Because of new innovations regarding watching movies, the death of the cinema has been predicted many times, but the cinema still holds a strong appeal for most people as the ultimate movie going experience.

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