Watching Movies Online

If there is no time or money to watch the latest film in the cinema, there is always the possibility to watch movies online. With sound and visual equipment constantly being improved watching a film at home can provide much joy, too.

Once upon a time, VHS movie rental was massive, with shops popping up on every high street. Almost every town and village had a small video rental store.

Now in the electronic information age, the movie rental business has evolved substantially. From the comfort of your armchair you can subscribe for a small fee to online companies that have sprung up or evolved their businesses to meet the demands of their customer base and watch movies online with unlimited movie access 24/7.

There are more pros than cons if you watch movies online.


Price and value for money. An average basic subscription is £5.99 per month with no fixed contract, allowing customers to cancel at anytime.

To watch movies online means a vast choice of viewing

To watch movies online means a vast choice of viewing

Choice of delivery. You can watch movies online in high definition via live streaming to numerous devices that connect to the internet. Internet ready televisions, set top devices, computers, games consoles all allow the consumer to watch movies online. Hand held devices like notebooks and even smartphones also have the technology to allow customers to watch movies online.

Choice of viewing. Customers can watch T.V. shows, the latest movies, old classic movies. You can watch trailers for movies and shows. Essentially you have access to a massive library of media for little financial outlay.


Not many. The biggest drawback would have to be connection speeds. For wireless handheld devices, you need to be in an area with a full 3G signal. To watch at home via internet, a good connection speed is a priority to recieve seamless download with no buffering issues. A minimum speed of 500kbps (0.5MB) is recommended. Whilst this is no problem if you live in a modern city where fibre optics are increasingly commonplace. However, elsewhere where your service comes via older copper cable, there could be an issue. Connection speeds will be influenced by how much traffic is online at any given time and by the geographical proximity of the consumer to an exchange.

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